COVID-19 updates: The Distance Teaching & Learning conference will be held online from August 3-7, 2020. For the latest, view Continuing Studies COVID-19 updates.


Workshops provide hands-on, practical learning experiences to develop knowledge and skills in a specific area. Enrollments are limited, and you must pre-register and pay a separate fee to attend.

*New this year: afternoon workshops on Friday, August 7th.*

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Monday, August 3, 2020
11am – 2pm

AM-1   The 4C’s? Yes Please! Building our Collective Toolbox

Penny Ralston-Berg, Senior Instructional Designer, Pennsylvania State University – World Campus and Eddie Andreo, Associate Vice President for Distance Learning & Site Management, Cowley College

Join us for this action-packed workshop designed to hone your cooperation, communication, collaboration, and creation skills!

AM-2 Micro-Learning, the Next Great Innovation in Training

Dennis Glenn, Adjunct Professor, DePaul University -Graduate School of Continuing and Professional Studies

This workshop will offer three current solutions on how micro-learning can be implemented to your learning portfolio to rapidly create interactive task mastery simulations that are limited to one or two learning objectives

Required: Laptop

AM-3 Practicing Inclusion as an Instructional Designer

Anna Marsden, Instructional Design Consultant, UNT Center for Learning Experimentation, Application, and Research and Marilu Vargas, Instructional Design Consultant, UNT Center for Learning Experimentation, Application, and Research

In this session we will provide working definitions for and discuss the differences between diversity and inclusion; examine the nuanced ways that inclusion creates access; and illustrate design principles and practices that can enhance the inclusivity of course material.

AM-4 Articulating a Data Vision: Developing a Multi-Year Plan

Colin Marlaire, Chief Technology and Learning Officer, Northcentral University

This session will cover the variables and considerations necessary to develop a data vision and strategy that assures near- and far-term success.

AM-5 Canceled

AM-6 Student Success: Balancing Content, Assessment & Cognitive Load

Kristen Betts, Clinical Professor, Drexel University and Karen Goldschmidt, Associate Clinical Professor & Chair, Chair, RN to BSN Program, Drexel University and Beth Haas, Associate Law Professor, Drexel University

This session engages attendees in evidence-based practices related to course design/review, learning, Carnegie Unit, credit-hour policy, and the critical balance between course content, instruction, and assessment. Attendees will actively work with one of their current/future courses and syllabus on individual and group activities.

Required: Laptop/tablet

Monday, August 3, 2020
3  – 4:30 pm

PM-1 Son of 2009 Barefoot Vodcasting: 11 Years Later

James Moore, Director of Online Learning, DePaul University Driehaus College of Business, DePaul University

This session briefly looks back to the past, and then covers low-cost and easily implemented ways to record content, no matter where. There are legal and pedagogical implications to recording classroom content, so we cover that, and appropriate solutions for educators to adopt.

PM-2 Driving Motivation with Belonging, Agency, and Relevance

Martin LaGrow, Senior Academic Services Consultant, Ellucian and Nichole LaGrow, Distance Education Coordinator, University of Wisconsin – Green Bay

In this workshop, we will learn about the three main types of engagement: behavioral, relational, and cognitive, and examine how good course design practices align themselves with these three kinds of engagement.

PM-3 Develop Online Course Activities that Produce Results

Jerzy George Jura, Director – Academic Technology, UW-Madison School of Nursing

This workshop guides participants through the most significant, published, data-driven research of the last two decades, distills the results to easy-to-understand, applicable principles, and provides a framework (a set of templates) for developing online student learning activities based on these principles.

PM-4 Canceled

PM-5 Developing an Activity Catalog for Creative Course Design

Debra Johnson-Cortesi, Senior Instructional Designer, Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School and Michelle Bly, Instructional Designer, Lancaster Bible College | Capital Seminary & Graduate School

In this hands-on workshop, through a set of guided activities and discussions, you will be provided with all of the ideas and skills needed to develop and design your own activity catalog: a database for gathering and sharing creative online teaching ideas.

PM-6 G3 of Writing Tips: Gentle Guidelines, Great Stories, & Gigantic Gains

Curtis Bonk, Professor, Indiana University and Meina Zhu, Assistant Professor, Wayne State University

In this session, the presenters will journey through stories about their own personal writing spaces, describing key elements of the writer’s desk that contribute to inspiration, motivation, and organization for academic writing. They will also discuss the writing habits and strategies that they typically employ to create highly attuned spaces for writing amongst competing scholarly and personal demands. Along the way, they will highlight some of their most definitive successes as well as how they navigated through the various disappointments, failures, and challenges of academic writing.

Friday, August 7, 2020
12:45 – 2:15 pm

PM-7 Instructor-Agnostic Courses

Janna Wrench, Instructional Designer, Marquette University and Dan Freer, Instructional Designer, Marquette University

This session will provide faculty and designers strategies to building instructor-agnostic courses as well as ways to equip instructors to facilitate and personalize courses they may not have developed.

PM-8 Customized Lab Kits and eLearning Portal to teach Science Online

Rahul Kane, Professor, Century College

This talk will discuss the presenters’ experience in designing multiple completely online lab-based science courses. The interactive part will allow the audience members to perform an anatomy & physiology experiment and also experience how students would be able to perform similar experiments at home.

PM-9  Set the Bar: Establishing Learning Expectations on Day 1

Katherine Robbins, Senior Instructional Designer, SYKES TalentSprout

To make the most of this 90-minute workshop, this workshop is more a Design Thinking/Brainstorming approach rather than a more traditional workshop structure. Participants will use a modified Lightening Decision Jam structure to help each other brainstorm on ideas for how to help set learner expectations.

Required: Laptop/tablet

PM-10 Improv Your Way to Better Faculty / ID Relationships

Penny Ralston-Berg, Senior Instructional Designer, Pennsylvania State University – World Campus and Jana Hitchcock, Instructional Designer, Penn State World Campus

Join us in a humorous approach to relationship building, while learning more about yourself and your approach to sometimes challenging situations. You’ll not only laugh — but also learn more about yourself and your approach to sometimes challenging situations.

PM-11 Redesign Course On a Dime

Carissa Gober, Assistant Professor of Teacher Education, Missouri Southern State University and Jennifer Stegail, Assistant Professor, Missouri Southern State University

Learn how to incorporate videos, Flipgrid, Edpuzzle and Nearpod tools which have redefined traditional online courses and increased course evaluations.

Required: Laptop/tablet

PM-12 Using Design Thinking to Create a Makers Project in an Online Course

Jackie Wickham Smith, Senior Learning Designer, Northwestern University School of Professional Studies and Jeanne Kerl, Learning Designer, Northwestern University School of Professional Studies

Learn about our experience walking through the design thinking process to implement a maker’s project in an online neurobiology course.