Newton Miller

Credentials: Associate dean, Department of Education Studies at Ashford University

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Newton Miller earned his bachelor of arts in mathematics from Cheyney University, a master of science in mathematics from Liberty University, a master of education in educational leadership from York College, and a doctorate in education administration from Capella University. His professional experience includes having served as a secondary and college-level mathematics instructor, secondary science teacher, assistant principal, principal, and educational consultant for a national education reform organization.

Date Time Featured Session
August 4th 11 am – 12:15 pm 3T’s of Effective Online Education – Thinking-Teaching-Technology

3T’s of Effective Online Education – Thinking-Teaching-Technology

In this keynote, we will ponder the relationship between the 3T’s of online education programming. I like to call it the thinking-teacher-technology triad. In order to do so, we must first dive into a discussion around the existence of, and perceptions around the cultural gap which exists between many educators and the growing population of nontraditional learners. That cultural gap is the product of two very distinct types of thinking, resulting in learners that are either survival or investment-minded in their thought processes.