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We are proud to host the Distance Teaching & Learning (DT&L) Conference, an annual event that has been presented in Madison, Wisconsin, since 1985. We are privileged to offer the 2021 DT&L Conference as an exciting, engaging and fully virtual event again in 2021. We offer unique online opportunities to gain quality leads and directly connect with an audience in need of the products and services our sponsors offer.

Attendees represent educational institutions and nonprofit organizations from around the world:

Directors, Managers, Coordinators
Instructors, Professors, Educator
Instructional Designers, Technologists, Developers
Provosts, Deans, Presidents, Other Administrators
Support Staff
Trainers, Consultants

Here’s what conference attendees said about last year:

I am writing to say thank you to you and your colleagues for the fantastic coordination and facilitation of the Distance Teaching and Learning Conference. The speakers and content have been impressive and will definitely impact my teaching in a positive way this year and beyond!

This conference has been a transformational and exhilarating experience. It made me get a whole new understanding and respect for the field of Distance Education, and showed me the value of what we do in this field. It has inspired me to explore further the theoretical frameworks and practice literature, and also allowed me to connect with many people!

It helps to know what the big industry players are doing and what’s on the horizon.

I connected with a vendor in my geographical area that provides the video services I’ve been looking for.

The week has certainly flown by.  I feel like there has been so much information shared and find myself thinking about various sessions I joined and I’m sure to be discussing A LOT with my colleagues next week!  (Is he STILL talking?). The wealth of knowledge this conference provides is unbelievable. The conference has been well planned and well executed.  Thanks to all the team and presenters for making this happen!