Liv Gjestvang

Credentials: Associate Vice President for Learning Technology, Ohio State University

Liv Gjestvang headshot

With a focus on student access and success, Liv Gjestvang leads Ohio State’s enterprise learning tools, classroom technology, and innovative teaching, as well Digital Flagship, providing free technology and coding curriculum to all undergraduates and the Affordable Learning Exchange, which has saved students $20 million in course content. She co-authored College Ready Ohio, a $13.5 million grant from the Ohio Department of Education to support college readiness for high school students. Recently, Liv worked with clinicians, developers, students, and a team from Apple to build Ohio State: Wellness, an app connecting students with resources for mental health and wellness.

Liv has served as faculty and director of the Educause Learning Technology Leadership Institute and was the recipient of Ohio State’s 2014 Distinguished Staff award, the 2015 President & Provost Council on Women’s Glass Breakers Award, and the 2017 Educause Rising Star award. She is a member of the President’s Task Force on Racism and Racial Inequities and has written and presented about community engagement, social justice, college affordability, and transformative leadership across the US.

Institutional Transformation: Access, Empathy and Sustainable Pace

When the pandemic hit in 2020, we watched traditional models for higher education fall around us. We moved quickly to shift all of our teaching and work online. We found ways to connect without being together. We carried large loads at work and at home for long periods of time. But none of this was sustainable. As we edge closer towards the end of the pandemic, how do we ensure that the house we rebuild is not the same house that fell around us. How can we design more diverse and accessible pathways towards education? How can we create a more sustainable pace for learning and work? How can we bring more empathy and connection to our interactions? How can we center student voices in this work? In this interactive session, we will explore ways to leverage expertise across our institutions, mobilize campus resources, and sharpen our focus, as educators, on the most important challenges we face at our institutions and across the nation.