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The latest higher ed data presents new possibilities to boost student enrollments.


The landscape of higher education has been changing rapidly over the last decade and that has brought in more challenges and opportunities for institutions in the online learning space. The domain is becoming more competitive, technology driven and global with the time which is forcing institutions to make significant pivots to their strategies for enrollment and retention.

You must’ve seen the latest data on higher ed student enrollment. Here are the key trends as per Inside Higher Ed:

  • The number of students taking classes online continues to grow remarkably even as overall college enrollments decline.
  • A third of all students currently take at least 1 online course.
  • 1 in every 6 students is exclusively enrolled in an online program.
  • Without online education, college and university enrollments would continue to decline drastically.

Students are increasingly opting for online education and it’s becoming vital in boosting colleges enrollments. While reinforcing the critical importance and mainstreaming of online education in the current scenario, the report Changing Landscape of Online Education, 2019 (CHLOE 3) underlines the positive impact of instructional design in boosting student outcomes for online courses. That’s the reason, as per CHLOE 3, more colleges are trying to provide consistent, high quality instructional design support to their faculty.

Hence, it’s extremely important to higher-ed institutions to constantly work on innovative strategies to balance the quality and lower cost of developing online programs and this agenda should be given more time while conceptualizing the growing online landscape.

This blog is contributed by Symbiosis Education Consultants, a fee-for-service instructional design company based out of NYC.

Author –

Ron Bhalla, M.B.A.

Executive Vice President – Strategic Partnerships

Symbiosis Educational Consultants