Elevate Your Institution’s Online Discussions with Harmonize

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Elevate Your Institution’s Online Discussions with Harmonize

Harmonize elevates the online learning experience by creating an interactive space for instructors and students to connect and collaborate in new and inspiring ways. More than just a discussion board, Harmonize provides unique tools to empower educators and drive student participation — helping everyone to succeed.

Here’s a quick overview of how Harmonize can help you elevate the discussion board experience.

Get Personal

Students love personal stories. Now is the time to share one or two. Your class will be a lot more fun (for you and for you students) if you’re all participating actively. With Harmonize, you have new tools you have at your disposal—so go ahead: use audio, video, annotated images, and text in your prompts and posts. And encourage your students to do the same.

Learn New Ways to Engage

Yes, your students are probably pretty comfortable using social media tools to stay in touch with their friends. But they aren’t always as facile with a platform they aren’t as familiar with, so it’s up to you to provide a little coaching for how to have lively and productive online discussions. Find ways to pre-empt the “I agree with Jane” responses. With Harmonize, students can share information, collaborate and communicate in their own unique way. And that expands the learning potential of each and every student.

Keep Your Students Involved

While we’ve all known a student who is reluctant to participate in a classroom discussion, it’s a lot easier for that student to disappear when we move those discussions online. Be compassionate—especially now. You might consider nominating one or more of your students to facilitate a few discussions. Or make it a team effort. Ask a group of students to complete a task or solve a problem together. Help them use features of the discussion board to check in with each other, present and comment on ideas, and post their findings–whether that’s a written report, a short podcast, or a video presentation. Suggest ways for them to work together but let them take the lead on how they want to proceed.

Take Advantage of Rich Media Tools

Did you know that 65% of learners are visual? Not all students learn the same way, so think about how to use different media on the discussion boards. Post an image, video, or, heck yeah, an animated GIF. Your students will notice. But more important, they might experience course concepts in a new way.

Integrate your Synchronous Teaching with Asynchronous Activities

Remember that, for a variety of reasons, not all students will raise their hand to engage in a live session—even when it’s virtual. If you can, record your synchronous session and post it directly to the discussion board so that all of your students have access to the material. Synchronous work can also be collaborative. With Harmonize, you can create “meetings” and make them mandatory or optional. Use them for students who want to brainstorm an idea or work on a group project together. Use the discussion board after your synchronous session to give students additional opportunities to respond to the presented material.

Interested in learning more about Harmonize and how it helps to enhance traditional discussion boards through an LTI plugin? Talk to us anytime! Or better yet, attend our session at the DT&L Conference on August 6th at 1:45pm or visit us at the virtual exhibit hall!

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