Call for Proposals

We invite you to submit a proposal to present at the 35th annual Distance Teaching & Learning Conference, August 6-8, 2019 in Madison, Wisconsin. We are looking for quality presentations intended for advanced practitioners in distance, online, or blended education and training. We will also consider some basic/foundational proposals geared toward those newer to the field. All proposals should be grounded in evidence-based practice and/or innovative strategies.

Deadline to submit is 4:00 pm (CT) on Tuesday, January 22.

Possible TopicsPresentation FormatsProposal CriteriaTimelineSubmit Your Proposal

Here are some topic areas to consider:

  • ABCs of DE (basic)
  • Accessibility and ADA (section 508) compliance
  • Alternative credentialing
  • Augmented reality
  • Blended learning designs
  • Building & supporting learning communities
  • Distance education leadership/administration
  • Evaluating online learning
  • Faculty development
  • Game-based learning
  • Immersive learning
  • Learner engagement strategies
  • Learner support
  • Learning analytics and student success
  • Learning science research to practice
  • Mastery & competency-based learning
  • Measuring learning & assessment
  • Mobile learning
  • New/emerging technologies
  • Online teaching strategies
  • Open resources and content curation
  • Personalized & adaptive learning
  • Social learning
  • Video & multimedia-based learning
  • Virtual reality

Why present?

  • Receive a discounted conference registration
  • Share your knowledge and expertise with colleagues from around the world
  • Have an impact and be recognized for your contribution to the field of distance education
  • Gain insights to guide your future work
  • Add your presentation to your CV and contribute to the 2019 Conference Proceedings and Resources publication
  • Explore and enjoy Madison — we’re ranked as one of the nation’s best cities to work and play

Submit Proposal

Presentation Formats

Registration Discount
Facilitate a conversation on a current topic or your authored book.
45 min.
$125 for up to 2 facilitators
ePoster Session
Showcase your course, program, or research study in informal small group interactions.
45 min.
$125 for up to 2 presenters
Exploratory Session
Bring a big question to the conference and move the conversation forward with the power of collective knowledge.
45 min.
$125 for up to 2 presenters
Global Conversation
Showcase your international distance-learning success story, innovation, or challenge.
45 min.
$125 for up to 2 facilitators
Interactive Session
Provide activities, tools, group learning exercises, or other techniques to engage and involve participants.
45 min.
$125 for up to 2 presenters
Panel Session
A moderator and 2-3 panelists from different organizations take 20 minutes to establish a problem followed by a solutions-focused conversation with the audience.
45 min.
$125 for up to 4 presenters
Research Session
Present the results of a completed research project and hold 10 minutes of Q&A with the audience.
45 min.
$125 for up to 2 presenters
Speed Session
Condense your topic to a 15-minute talk followed by 5 minutes of discussion.
20 min.
$125 for ONLY 1 presenter
Provide a high-quality, interactive, and practical experience to develop participants’ knowledge and skills in a specific area.
90 minutes or
3 hours
50% discount for 90-minute workshop or fee waiver for 3-hour workshop for up to 2 presenters

Proposal Criteria

Download a PDF of the online form requirements. All proposals must be entered into the online proposal form. You may submit proposals for multiple sessions. You will be able to save and return to your proposal form until the deadline: 4:00 pm (CST) on Tuesday, January 22.
NOTE: Proposals that solely promote commercial products or services will not be accepted.

All proposals will be peer reviewed and evaluated on these criteria:

  • Practical methods and techniques that others can use and apply
  • Clear learning goals and key takeaways
  • Relevance to the field of distance education and online learning
  • Depth of knowledge conveyed related to distance teaching, learning, and training
  • Inclusion of evaluation data and/or established theoretical models
  • Focus on established or emerging trends, practices, data, and knowledge
  • Evidence of successful outcomes or lessons learned

Acceptance, Timeline, and Requirements

We will notify all applicants on the status of your proposal submission by the end of March. If your proposal is accepted, you agree to the following due dates and requirements in order to keep your proposal in the conference program.

Due Dates
Tuesday, May 14
Research Sessions are required to submit a white paper (optional for other formats). Other sessions are required to submit a one-page summary paper.
These papers will be published in the digital conference publication and resource library.
Tuesday, June 11
Register for the conference.
Presenter registration link and instructions will be sent in April.
Tuesday, July 16
Submit electronic versions of resource materials/handouts for the conference app and resource library.
Attendees expect to have copies of your presentation and/or handouts that they can refer to in their practice.