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The 34th annual Distance Teaching & Learning Conference

August 7-9, 2018 • Madison, WI

Save the date: Registration opens March 27, 2018

Join our community of online and distance educators


DT&L isn’t just a conference, it’s a community of educators with ideas and experiences to share. You’ll laugh, you’ll be moved, and you’ll come away with new ways to approach your work and put research into practice. You’ll meet people who can help your career thrive. You’ll also get to enjoy Madison--a walkable, culture-filled city nestled between two beautiful lakes. It’s the perfect place to learn, explore, and relax this summer.


What attendees are saying about DT&L 2017

 I enjoyed hearing about new technology tools that help you write an online curriculum, best practices for building an online course, and reference sites for research to support your pedagogical decisions. 

 I learned some new, creative ways to better use technology to keep students engaged with the course materials, and to provide additional opportunities for student-instructor interactions. 

 Innovation was truly emphasized. I look forward to working with my faculty to think outside of the box! 


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