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Understanding the digital realities of our students

General Session (Keynote) August 8, 2018 4:15 pm - 5:15 pm

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Presented by Alec Couros

In our digital world, young people face previously unimaginable challenges as they learn and grow, and our education systems have a responsibility to prepare today’s youth to face these new hurdles. This keynote will help attendees to gain a deep and critical understanding of the current information age, exploring contemporary trends, shifts in culture, and other unique and emerging aspects of today’s world, and moving beyond simplistic narratives of the “digital native” to describe the rich reality of children and young adults who are largely shaped and socialized by Internet culture and the ubiquity of mobile technologies. Participants will leave this session knowing:

  • How the digital reality of today’s youth shapes and affects their identities, relationships, and well-being
  • The implications for teaching and learning of recent popular tools and apps
  • The scope of new and emerging literacies needed to thrive in a digital world
  • Strategies and activities that can be integrated into practice in order to help young people to consume information safely and critically, connect meaningfully and effectively with a global audience, and practice care both for themselves and for others in their communities and around the world

Alec Couros


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