Spotlight Session Virtual

Research as inquiry: Flying into the information headwind

Spotlight Talk August 8, 2018 11:15 am - 12:00 pm

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Presented by Alex Stark, I-Pang Fu, and Sheila Stoeckel

Today’s distance students face a dynamic and growing information ecosystem that is rife with uncertainty and requires students to be more critical and speculative than ever. Due to the modality of online courses, students are required to learn and apply information-related skills continuously in order to critically evaluate and effectively incorporate the wealth of diverse online resources. In this spotlight session, presenters will discuss key components of information literacy and highlight its vital importance for student success in coursework and beyond. Panelists will also discuss the affordances of leveraging local expertise when teaching research collaboratively.  Join this session for a group discussion of strategies, scenarios, and challenges. After attending this session, attendees will

  • Form a working definition of information literacy
  • Understand why it is both an essential academic, career, and lifelong skill
  • Be able to analyze their curriculum for research needs or information-literacy gaps

Alex Stark
I-Pang Fu
Sheila Stoeckel


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