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Observing and assessing online courses

Featured Session August 8, 2018 2:30 pm - 3:15 pm

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Presented by Jean Mandernach

The ultimate purpose of teaching evaluations is to ensure that students receive a high quality online learning experience. Evaluating individual faculty is just one checkpoint to monitor progress toward this larger goal. But for the evaluation process to successfully support effective online teaching and learning, it is essential that evaluation outcomes are linked to associated faculty support services. This session will 1) demonstrate how to create evaluation blueprints to ensure meaningful data analysis; 2) discuss how administrators can utilize teaching evaluation data to impact the context that impacts the evaluation; and 3) overview processes, procedures and policies to automate the integration of teaching evaluation data for meaningful program change. Participants will outline the online teaching evaluation life cycle at their own institutions and will explore opportunities for using evaluation data to inform faculty hiring, training, development, support and retention. We will discuss how to examine trends and patterns in evaluation data to inform faculty support services.

Jean Mandernach


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