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Why do we care about students’ motivation and engagement in online learning?

Featured Session August 9, 2018 8:00 am - 8:45 am

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Presented by Kui Xie

Distance learning challenges our notion of schools as physical locations where students and teachers meet face-to-face. Higher education can be more flexible, more accessible, and more affordable, especially when facilitated through technology. Yet the physical isolation between students and teachers creates challenges for both, especially in communication. Student motivation often suffers, and their engagement declines as a result of this isolation. In this presentation, I will contextualize the concepts of motivation and engagement in online learning environments. More specifically, we will address important questions, such as

  • What are types of motivation in online learning?
  • What empirical evidence represents the different perspectives of engagement in online learning?
  • What research evidence shows the relationship among motivation, engagement, and performance?

I will summarize several of my research projects and findings to support my responses to these questions. Participants will leave with design considerations to support motivation, engagement, and performance in online learning.

Kui Xie


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