Think tank focus: Accessibility

Tough Challenges Think Tank July 27, 2017 9:00 am - 10:45 am

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Thomas Tobin, Author and Speaker; Aisha Haynes, University of South Carolina; and Fair Berg, University of Memphis

Participants will identify solutions and approaches to difficult accessibility challenges in higher education, such as backlogs for captioning videos, making interactions accessible (e.g., 3-D models, virtual reality spaces), and providing equal access to real-time spaces like games and learning objects. The goal is to highlight practical approaches and solutions to seemingly large problems and to formulate first-step plans that participants can take away and implement in their own distance-education programs.

NOTE: Part 1 of this session (9:00 am) will be a facilitated discussion around specific participants’ challenges related to this topic. For Part 2 (10:00 am) participants will break into small groups to discuss these various challenges.

Thomas Tobin


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