Voices for accessibility in distance learning

Spotlight Talk July 26, 2017 10:15 am - 11:00 am

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Thomas Tobin, Author and Speaker
Sarah Schroeder, University of Cincinnati
Scott Ready, Blackboard
Angela Jackson, University of South Dakota
Andrew Lessman, Temple University
Several recent high-profile lawsuits and Department of Justice communications have resulted in equal access to education being framed as a civil right. This has caused just about every college and university to focus on accessibility beyond just “following the law”. Listen and learn as panelists tell their stories, share their expertise and approach to inclusive design and teaching, and explain how our field has arrived at a critical juncture. The panel will focus on practical strategies you can use at your institution to address fears, plan effectively, and frame accessibility as a way to increase distance-learner retention, persistence, and satisfaction. Come learn how accessibility goes way beyond disability services.

Thomas Tobin
Sarah Schroeder
Scott Ready
Angela Jackson
Andrew Lessman


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