Getting beyond “It Depends”: Copyright you can actually understand and apply

Featured Session July 27, 2017 1:45 pm - 2:30 pm

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Thomas Tobin, Author and speaker
Brought back by popular demand!
No issue in online education seems more needed—yet less understood—than working knowledge of copyright and fair use for the design and teaching of online courses. The Distance Teaching & Learning conference has had presentations in past years on copyright from distinguished legal scholars, mostly serving to deepen the confusion about what faculty members and designers can and should do regarding the use of content created by others. This session promises a simplified yet deep understanding of how to work with materials created by others in an ethical fashion, so that participants will stay “on the good side of the law” the majority of the time. Faculty members and administrators often do not have clear guidance regarding the use of copyrighted materials for teaching. Participants will come away with plain-language best practices in these areas. This hands-on session offers an easy-to-apply test for using copyrighted materials, as well as ways to avoid having to invoke copyright at all. Bring your Internet-connected device. A collection of digital resources, including a one-page copyright sheet, is provided to participants. This information session is designed to help attendees to learn rule-of-thumb ways to define fair use of copyrighted content and find alternative means of providing access to copyrighted content.

Thomas Tobin


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