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Edsurge: Conference an Essential Educational Technology Event

EdSurge has published a colorful map of the higher-education conferences that matter in the world of educational technology and innovation. Among the essential events for 2016-17 is the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Distance Teaching & Learning Conference, scheduled for Aug. 9-11 at Monona Terrace Community and Convention Center.

EdSurge is an informational resource for educators and entrepreneurs involved in educational technology. The map, as part of an article by Ray Batra, highlights 40 “higher-ed edtech and innovation conferences you need to know” from around the world. Along with the Distance Teaching & Learning Conference, it includes the EduCause Annual Conference in Anaheim, Cal., and Bett in London.


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Nicole Allen speaking

Nicole Allen Advocates for Open Educational Resources

In “Bringing Down the High Cost of Textbooks,” the Washington Post notes that textbook prices have risen three times the rate of inflation, spiking by 82 percent

between 2003 and 2013. The editorial praises recent efforts to develop degree programs that use online, open-source materials instead of expensive printed books.

“By integrating open-source materials into their curriculums, colleges would make learning better and cheaper at the same time,” the Post argues.

Nicole Allen will make a similar argument at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Distance Teaching & Learning Conference, the forward-looking event for college faculty and administrators, instructional designers, researchers, K-12 teachers, and corporate and military trainers on Aug. 9-11. Allen,

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Attendees of the 2015 DT&L Conference

Earn a Professional Development Certificate in Online Teaching

Educators looking to get started in the online environment have a golden opportunity through the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Distance Teaching & Learning Conference. They can register for the Read more

Michelle Miller

Michelle Miller: Improve Online Education with Science Research

In her book Minds Online: Teaching Effectively with Technology, Michelle Miller provides a framework for selecting and using digital technology in higher education. Drawing on her experience as a professor of psychological sciences at Northern Arizona University, she incorporates classic research as well as recent findings on how our minds take in and use information. Miller will provide the latest insights from her work in a keynote address at the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Distance Teaching & Learning Conference on August 9-11.

The conference has helped educators stay on top of emerging technologies for more than 30 years. It attracts college faculty, campus leaders, researchers, instructional designers, K-12 teachers, corporate and military trainers, and vendors of new technologies and services, who network with colleagues and learn evidence-based strategies from experts in the field.

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