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Date & time: February 12, 1:30 pm CST

Topic: The Quantum Promise for AI in Education

Presenter: Ray Schroeder, Associate Vice Chancellor of Online Learning at the University of Illinois Springfield

Description: The decade we have just entered – the 2020s – will mark the most significant shift in higher education form and delivery in more than a century. Initially, artificial intelligence (AI) is changing the way we process the enormous amount of data we are now collecting on our learners. AI will give us insights into the learners – what they know, what they need to know, how they learn best, and the trajectory toward their career and life goals. Quantum computing achieved supremacy last fall when a Google quantum computer, Sycamore, outpaced the fastest super computer in the world – Summit housed at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Quantum computing driving AI will bring us, finally, to true personalized learning – the holy grail of education. As long as we have had classes of students, the teachers have been confronted with aiming their instruction to the middle of the class, leaving the advanced students bored and the students with deficiencies struggling to get up to speed. As we progress through the decade, we will move closer and closer to individualized and personalized instruction. At last, we will be able to meet students where they are in knowledge, skills and preferences.

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 This is the best conference I have ever attended. I am coming away with so many new ideas and professional connections. Excellent attention to detail and thoughtful planning made this a memorable event that touched me personally and professionally. It is very clear why this conference has so many repeat attendees. I loved it! 

 DT&L is like a group of my best friends who become quite animated while discussing something we all love. I’ve attended two years now and each time have taken so much knowledge home as well as additions to my network. This only strengthens my ability to partner with my faculty. We’re all dealing with the same challenges. It’s knowing that there are others in which I can connect that makes the journey less daunting. 

 The vendor displays were a wonderful opportunity to visit with the companies and get detailed information about products and services that can enhance your online teaching. Networking opportunities were fantastic, and the facilities and staff were top notch. I can’t wait to come back!